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28 September 2017

hey guys, just lil ole nia here. we've had a few days to chill out so i thought i'd share what was HAPPENIN'!

we were in vegas on saturday and it was honestly GREAT. we were the first ones on and weren't expecting much of a crowd (i mean, it's vegas and it was 11am.... am i right??), but we were completely surprised!! the crowd was up for gettin down, loved to dance, and just wanted to have a good time. everything went super smoothly. we stuck around for a while after the show and made some new friends, which is good because we're all 100% wallflowers(or at least, casey and i are. rena and iain actually know how to be human beings sometimes).
i've been listening to the same playlists on spotify everyday and i'm getting a bit bored, so if anyone wants to hit me up with some good new tunes, FEEL FREE!
i DID start listening to this band called coast modern, who are awesome. i've been listening to "hollow life" on repeat because it reminds me of being a rebellious sixteen year old kid playing on train tracks. definitely not safe, definitely would not recommend. on the other hand, if you still want that badass feeling, just listen to some coast modern. way safer. most definitely would recommend.
alright, i'm off to go find some new haunts in LA. have a wonderful day and SEND ME YOUR FAVORITE SONG.
a blog from nia